Meet the Artisan

From Professional Makeup Artist to Candle Artisan

As a creative, I’m always looking for other ways to express my creativity outside of my profession. I love everything about being a beauty professional. The makeovers with my clients, discussing the latest beauty trends, teaching other professionals and Brides, brides and more brides!

In my private home studio, creating an environment that is not only relaxing but welcoming was vital. I’ve always known scent was a strong sensory and I used it as a way to express my mood, change the energy in the room and set the tone for the day. Whether I needed a burst of citrus for energy on my early call time, a spitz of lavender to calm an anxious bride or a blanket of cashmere to make her feel warm and welcomed, Scentz always worked. As a result, my clients always complimented the aroma of the room, asked for the details of the scent and of course I shared! Then, my creative thoughts started running a mile a minute and I knew I could create signature scents for myself and my clients. Thus, Elevated Scentz was born!

I’ve spent almost a year carefully hand picking, formulating and testing each fragrance and essential oil blend for optimal results. I’m so proud to finally introduce my hand poured, 100% soy wax home perfume candles to you.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!